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In history this week we have been looking at different maps and what types there are. One of the activities he had to do is to draw a satellite map and turn it into a plan view map, this is my finished image of Orford on the East Coast of  Tasmania. (:

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Triumph Over Adversity

Drug adiction

The adversity of drugs is that people get addicted and some people cant stop,

but there is more to the situation, people who need drugs need money and for them to have money some people do illegal  things such as stealing, burglary and prostitution,

most drug addicts can over come this problem, such as counseling and rehab.

from my point of veiw  it would be terribly hard, to give up drugs so easily. some people have lost their lifes because they didn’t get help, or they did but they couldn’t stop because they where to addicted!

my advice would be if you don’t want to get addicted to drugs, don’t start taking them. it destroys families and lives.


Driver In Fatal Accident

The adversity of a fatal accident would be how it was caused such as if a driver was over the speed limit and had hit someone that instantly died, it would be hard on the family and friends, but more hard on the person who had killed someone,

You must overcome the guilt of taking someones life, and the regret that you would have to take.

Although it would be very difficult to cope with taking someone’s life, the driver would never forget that very day. I know a tragic story that a man had hit a little girl and from that very moment he had mental problems, flash backs even from the past 20 years.

I would suggest to take by the road rules and stay by or on the limit.


Child after divorce

If your parents got divorced and moved away from each other,

The children would have to cope with a whole lot such as not seeing their parents together anymore and because only one parent gets full custody the child would only be able to see there mum/dad once a week.

firstly for the parents/parent it would also not be easy for them, knowing the child/children can’t see both of their parents at the same exact time, and also the parents would have to go through court and talk to people for them to get custody. 

The Children would have to over come that their parents have made there decision and they will have to cope with it.

on the other hand the parents will have to over come the arguing and to move on.

it would be very hard.

Parent Of Teenager

Being a parent of a teenager would very hard for both parent and teenager, why? 

well teenagers are teenages and they are at the age that they would want to go out party, drink alcohol ect.

Now for the parents they want to do whats right for the  kids, like every teenage parent.

it would be also very hard because a lot of teenage children have adhd, and other behaviour problems, so it would be hard to cope.

Parents run around and care for them and they only treat them back badly.

Some parents can’t keep control so they let them do what they want.

Eating Disorder

People have eating disorders because some aren’t happy with their body, such as thinking they are too fat and need to lose weight by not eating.

Its a good idea not to eat as much if your wanting to lose weight but exercise is good to, if you just try to starve yourself you can get health problems, such as being anerexic. You can die from it,

I know this girl who was anorexic because she was worried about her weight, she decided to starve herself , her iron levels went down and she ended up being anorexic.

If you’re one of those people who is worried about your body, exercise more often, or see a doctor, instead of starving yourself and ending up in hospital.